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To start with my new site, I want you to know me better, and to relate w/ my stories. I want to share the story of my life with you and discuss some issues. And by simply doing that, I have to introduce myself and all the things you have to know about me.

While surfing the internet, looking for a certain song, there was this site of a young lady, a 17 years old girl who has her own blog site, talking and sharing the things that is happening to her everyday life. I was inspired, so, the idea is there already, creating my own site, to share also the story of my life, instead of just reading the blog of others, thats why I quickly sign up this site and start creating my own.and by posting something, I want to start with this:

Name: Mei Xiu Zumokato

=== Mei Xiu- Beautiful Grace

Apparent Age: 23

Birthday: September 05, 1987

Bloodline: Multiple Blood; spanish, chinese, japanese, & filipino

Occupation: a government employee (Commission on Audit)

Appearance: I'm petite, and about 5". I look like the typical, beautiful young chinese woman, with long, brown black hair & fair skin.people says i'm beautiful and exotic, carrying myself with an unprecedented grace and magnificence.

Personality: I am a well-mannered..most of the time. Sometimes this goes to the wayside. I am quick to anger,but generally keeps a cool head about it. I am bold and fierce.while my arrogance sometimes earns a place alone, i'm generally has no trouble making new friends. I am very loyal to my friends, and will protect them through anything. I can be very sensual & enigmatic, and is definitely exotic.Some people might even call me strange, though my beauty and popularity make that a difficult accusation to proclaim. I can be a very good friend and I can also be your worst enemy. I am sweet to anybody, a loving person,and interms of love,hundred percent guarantee that if i love someone, i will really give everything to make the relationship work.but if that someone rejected me, I will not insist myself because I was not born to insist myself to someone who does not want me anymore, as long as I give love,infact I easily fall for someone who makes me feel special but when I sense that the person is starting to get rid of me, I will not waste my time, I will not wait for that person to neglect my feelings do not fade easily but mark my words, I can contradict my feelings just to make sure I wont look stupid.

Graceful: I've got a natural flair, even among other woman. my movements hypnotize and my words charm,harsh though it may be. It's almost impossible for me to look awkward, even if I screw up royally, most people respect this,and even jealous folks have to at least admit I've got style.

Culture Knack: I am very flexible person,wherever I am,whoever I am with, I make a good impression.

Irresistibility/Allure: I am a very cute lady, mysterious girl. As such, I am very attractive to many members of both the same and opposite sex, in both platonic and magnetic fashions. Boys want me, Girls hate me!,love me,want to be me, and long to be my friend. I exudes an impeccable sex appeal. I know this can be a bit troubling for someone as young as me,but I am not afraid to flaunt it when it'll give me an advantage.

Arrogance: I tend to be arrogant. I'm good looking, I'm alluring, I'm gracefull...& I know it.I uses it to my advantage when it needs to & turns my eyebrow up at those I deem unworthy of me.

Phobia: I am very bothered and scared by cockroaches. I will begin to cry and clasp desperately at my body if any of this cockroach will move or fly..Sometimes, if the cockroach will not go away and start to walk or fly in my direction, I will run away as fast as a broom could fly.

Hatred: I have an innate, instinctual hatred of people who tend to be feeling good or perfect, trying to be perfect to pleased everybody to get their attention. I will frankly tell them that I hate them, and hates everything about them.

Interest/hobbies and Involved activities: I love to hang out with my friends, I love friday night..gimik all the way..I love party...I love to eat, I love texting and surfing the internet a lot...and of course I love singing, I'd rather sing the whole day rather than dancing.

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